“SLKOR” 品牌创立于2005年,专业从事功率元器件的设计、生产和销售。技术骨干来自Infineon英飞凌、三菱、IR、TI德州仪器、ON安森美等同行业技术领先企业,主要生产MOS场效应管、COOLMOS、电源管理IC、FRD、霍尔hall元件、SCR、IGBT单管、SiC碳化硅元器件等。2010年开始研发生产第三代半导体碳化硅SiC元器件,其设计、工艺和性能居世界前列。SLKOR的MOS管大量应用于锂电池保护板、智能扫地机器人、TWS蓝牙耳机、电子烟、户外照明等行业。碳化硅SiC器件主要应用于能源互联网领域,应用行业有充电桩、新能源汽车、清洁能源发电、大功率开关电源和不间断电源等,在军事和航天领域也有一定的应用。



      Company Introduction: 


      SLKORMICRO Electronics Co., Ltd from South Korea was founded in 2005 which headquarters is in Busan. Mainly focus on design, production and sales of power components and modules. Most of technological and talented persons worked for Infineon, Mitsubishi Group and IR before or other famous enterprises in the same industry. An advanced wafer factory was located in JingRen Industrial Zone for MOSFET, IGBT, FRD, SCR and IPM module production and service. From 2010, SLKOR started to study and develop the 3rd generation semiconductor, SiC SBD and SiC MOSFET, which the raw materials, technology and performance were forefront of the world. SiC component is mainly used in energy Internet area and cover charging pile, new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, high switch power supply and UPS etc., and also in military and space field.